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gmda_setLeaderboard(table 1 key,table 2 key,table 3 key)

Argument Description
Leaderboard (n) key key of the Leaderboard(It is set on the games panel in the website)

Return: 1


Set up the basic information to connect to the online leaderboard.


//Create Event (Gamdata Controller)<br> gmda_setController("Gameexample7w51ozhktgrnWkVHcB9","Mkomm4nwwUtpTNRRC8em7fTKYGL1AasNQgF91Z"); <br> gmda_setLeaderboard("P165jRqN3uNR2O8zAsN"); //Table key <br><br> /* Add a second leaderboard<br> gmda_setLeaderboard("first table key","Second table key");<br><br> Max-tables: 3<br><br> */<br>

You have to place this function into the create event of the controller object after the <a href="https://www.gamdato.com/guide/func/gmda_setController"> gmda_setController()</a> function. If you want to have more leaderboards connected, you just have to add the new table keys as arguments.

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